Incredible Piano Tracks get recorded in the Studio

9 foot Yamaha CFIII

It’s a little like cramming for an exam. Knowing that I’d be playing on a 9’ grand piano, a Yamaha CFIII was one thing. Knowing that the recording would be taking place at James Morrison Studios with John Morrison as the recording engineer was another.

Today, I drove to St Ives where I met Ian (Producer) before we made our way up to the studio in Warriewood. The studio itself is in an industrial estate. It seems like an odd place to find a grand piano, but there in the custom built sound proofed studios it was.

John was already there setting up when we arrived and his sidekick Nick was helping out. I acquainted myself with the piano. The piano is in a small room (with about 1-2 feet on each side and sloping ceilings) with 2 big mikes hanging in the piano. Just me, the piano and my producer talking to me through my headphones. For the last 2 years I’ve been living in a unit in Sydney and only had my Yamaha CP300 electric stage piano to play on, so this was a little different.

I pulled the headphones on and started to play. I was very nervous. The first run through was pretty straight and without much feeling. We did three runs of each of the songs (by the third time I was much more relaxed, John seemed to like the music and Ian was happy with what I was playing), so the day was almost up. We just had half an hour left…

I’ve been working on a song for APRA’s 2012 Tropscore. I wasn’t sure that we’d have enough time, so I didn’t bring a click track with me, but we set one up and I quickly recorded the piano for my entry. Even if I don’t get shortlisted for Tropscore, I can use the piano track later…

It was really worthwhile going to James Morrisons Studio.  I got to play on a wonderful piano with a great sound.  It was a privilege to meet John and have him work on part of the album.  I am so grateful that the Lord has given me this opportunity.  I hope that the rest of the CD comes up as well as the piano has.

James Morrison Studios

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