Gospel Folk Choir, Canberra

Gospel Folk Choir, Canberra

It was a dark and stormy night.  Well in fact this time it was.  Tonight, I drove from Nowra to Canberra to hear The Gospel Folk choir record the important Hallelujah sections for the song You Came.  I left really early because the weather was bad and consequently arrived…really early!

The choir is a non-for-profit group of people singing Gospel and other songs.  They lead carols services each year as well as singing at other functions and venues.  Ian Pav, my producer on the album Incredible, has worked with them on many other occasions. Tonight, there were about 50-55 singers.

When we arrived they were having a cup of coffee and by the time we set up to record they were keen to go.  As we tried to describe what we were after I thought it might be helpful to play the song and when we got up to their part Ian conducted them in.

We then set up for the recording.

I had noise reducing headphones on and listened to the lead in chorus and then sung the lines before the choir’s part dropping out while the choir sung their line.  We repeated this for 16 Hallelujahs.  Ian is really happy with the result.

It was a great evening and I’d like to thank The Gospel Folk for their hard work.  It’s going to be fantastic having you on the CD and it was a real encouragement to hear the choir singing and the positive feedback I received about the song.

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